bureau SLA gives shape to a rapidly changing society by designing, researching, inventing and building. We give tangible answers to how we want to live, work and relax. Now and in the future.

We shape new neighborhoods where people want to live together. Not only elderly, for whom housing is no longer automatically provided, but also for a younger generation, who seek meaningful communities. For both we designed new ways of living in Almere (Who Cares).

We designed a school building that is a teacher itself. In the Nature and Environment Learning Centre in Amsterdam sustainability can be easily experienced and understood by children. We also invented a sustainable strategy for non-sustainable school buildings, like the old post-war elementary school in Utrecht.

We invented and built a pavilion with of 100% borrowed materials. And a coffee bar with used materials from Marktplaats (the low profile Dutch version of eBay). We think out circulair strategies: not only on paper. We are innovative in theory, but also in practice. We show that a sustainable transition can be done.

The architects studio consists of a team of architects and builders, supported by architecture historians, landscape architects, and energy experts. bureau SLA does not wait for commissions to come to them, but builds and develops in the city in an innovative way – from own initiatives and with its own manpower. With this trial and error mentality, the architects of bureau SLA discover the full potential of material use, energy, waste flows, smart living and working, and development processes.