This project in the havenbuurt (port area) in Almere combines two existing initiatives: the modern courtyards and the Burenbond. Burenbond is a concept of a neighborhood community circle. Citizens help citizens voluntarily with a question, activity or hobby. The Contemporary Courts study shows that the secret of the 400-year-old court typology is based on four principles: the shared gate, the water pump, the regent and the courtyard mother. Both initiatives work on an inclusive city and find each other in this project.

In the neighborhood circle, the volunteer receives support from a housing coach who helps with matters that residents can not (yet) arrange alone. This organization model is in line with that of the classic court. The resident coach is the regent, the volunteer can be seen as the courtyard mother. The base for the connection between these groups of people are the common values; Burenbond differs from the former courtyard in which age, and not interests, connected the residents.

In addition to the existing buildings in Almeres port area, we opt for low-rise and small-scale
architecture. By building with separate units (single-layer, wheelchair accessible) the individual home remains recognizable, and each house is slightly different. The ensemble of homes gives the suggestion of a community.

Facts & Figures

Competition: Who Cares, winnaar
Design: bureau SLA, Peter van Assche
In collaboration with: Bart Lammers (specialist in the field of care taking), Kirsten Hannema, Renet Korthals Altes, Ruud van der Kind