‘Oosterwold looks like an idyll’

-Elsevier JUIST, September 2016

Nine dwelling Oosterwold is nominated for the Frame Awards and rewarded with an honorable mention from the Architecture Prize Almere. This housing project is published in the Dutch Yearbook of Architecture 2016/2017.

In the rural area of ​​Almere Oosterwold, bureau SLA and bureau Zakenmaker designed 9 homes in a 100-meter-long building in which the residents received 160 freely divisible square meters. The result: a rich and colorful circuit of different dwellings.

The joint venture is in the 100-meter-long residential building, but also in the shared desire to be able to live, work and live in a different way. The project represents an architectural shell in which the resident has the freedom to complete it.

Facts & figures

Design team:
Peter van Assche (bureau SLA)
Mathijs Cremers (ZakenMaker)
Ninja Zurheide (bureau SLA)

Design: 2014-2015
Delivered: 2017
Client: Stichting Bosveld (Frode Bolhuis)