‘Oosterwold looks like an idyll’

-Elsevier JUIST, September 2016

Nine dwellings Oosterwold is winner of the Frame Awards 2019 in the category Co-living Complex of the Year, and rewarded with an honorable mention from the Architecture Prize Almere. This housing project is published in the Dutch Yearbook of Architecture 2016/2017.

In the rural area of ​​Almere Oosterwold, bureau SLA and bureau Zakenmaker designed 9 homes in a 100-meter-long building in which the residents received 160 freely divisible square meters. The result: a rich and colorful circuit of different dwellings.

The joint venture is in the 100-meter-long residential building, but also in the shared desire to be able to live, work and live in a different way. The project represents an architectural shell in which the resident has the freedom to complete it.

Facts & figures

Design team:
Peter van Assche (bureau SLA)
Mathijs Cremers (ZakenMaker)
Ninja Zurheide (bureau SLA)

Design: 2014-2015
Delivered: 2017
Client: Stichting Bosveld (Frode Bolhuis)